Soup of the Day
Made fresh every morning.

*Menu is subject to change without notice.  
Call ahead to find out what we're serving!

Looking for Breakfast?

     The Sandwich Bar makes the best breakfast burritos in town! Made fresh every day and hand-rolled to perfection, these are a favorite across the state.  Stop in between 7:30am and 10:30am to claim your own breakfast burrito, complete with a side of salsa or homemade chipotle mayo.

     Please call ahead for large orders (your office will love you when you bring these burritos in!), or as it gets closer to 10:30am. We sell out every morning!

(307) 266-1527

Monday: Creamy Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice and Mushrooms

Tuesday: Vegetarian options (Sweet Potato Curry, Broccoli Cheese, etc.)

Wednesday: Four Cheese Potato

Thursday: Santa Fe Chicken Tortilla

Friday: Chef's Choice

Saturday: Chef's Choice